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So I just had a sudden thought while researching for my fic (which is waaaay past it’s due date, sorry gaiz I’m still workin on it, but I’m gettin there! Got distracted by holidays).

Tasha Lem said in The Time of the Doctor that he cannot say his name because he will [bring back the Time Lords] if he did. And quoting from someone’s awesome explanation of the Cracks in the Universe [x], the Church of the Papal Mainframe/Silence devoted themselves “to keep Trenzalore protected, so that the Doctor’s hand is never forced”.

Though Madam Kovarian separated herself from the sect of the Papal Mainframe, she was part of that before deciding to rebel.

River knew his name…Kovarian must have said something to River or possibly River learned/overheard it.

When River told Ten that she’s gonna tell him his name in Silence in the Library, he said that it’s impossible, there’s only one time he could say his name. As she said in The Name of the Doctor, “I made him” and “it took a while” before the Doctor told River his real name.

Something very, very bad must have happened that River had to force the Doctor’s name out of him to bring back the Time Lords.

Tldr: River Song will come back later on in the future and when she does, it’s when the Doctor tells her his name to bring back the Time Lords because something very, very bad has happened and he’s down to his last resort.

Timeline-wise, this would most likely be before she goes to the Library.

This is one heck of an event so this will possibly happen in a Christmas Special, an Anniversary Special, when we hear news of the Time Lords coming back, or when we get a glimpse of River’s modified Sonic Screwdriver.

Dunno, just mah two cents.


there is nothing scarier than writing something for someone you know is a much better writer than you

I know the feeling, dear @__@

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thedoctorsinslytherin replied to your post “So…I have a bunch of mattex ideas in my notes and in my head but I…”

Mattex - AU High School fic? Matt’s the jock who falls in love with Alex? Maybe teenage pregnancy?

Hmmm, still thinkin how I’ll do that one but ‘tis definitely on my list! Thank you lots for it! Shall start right after I finish the first prompt~

….and after I cry about Matt.

2 moar days..!!


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Oh. Tell me when you publish it :) and where

Will definitely do! I’ll most likely publish it in ao3 but I’ll post a link here in tumblr.

But ugh too many things to clean and do atm though….I just wanna continue writing and hopefully finish it soooooon before the cryfest!

Erhm…the titanic prompt which I planned to write as a drabble became a full fic.


…this might take a while.

BUT I got like 80% of it written down though! *twirls*

YAY! I gots prompts!


Actually did not expect getting any from you guys and so soon too but THANK YOUUUU! *hugs*

I shall get right to it!~

So…I have a bunch of mattex ideas in my notes and in my head but I can’t seem to find the motivation to write any of them. Personal goals don’t seem to be enough atm -.- so I’m wondering and a little curious if anyone would like to suggest a prompt for me to write? I’ll try me best!